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Subtle CSCW Traits: Tensions Around Identity Formation and Online Activism in the Asian Diaspora

Contact the Organizers

aapisocialcomputing [at] gmail [dot] com

Important Dates

Aug 2, 2021: CFP opens
Sept. 3, 2021: Applications due
Sept. 17, 2021: Applicants notified
Sept. 24, 2021: Deadline to accept
Oct. 24, 2021: Workshop date

The COVID-19 pandemic has been uniquely challenging for the Asian diaspora. The virus has directly devastated Asian communities around the world, most notably across India. Its indirect effects have also been crushing: violent hate crimes against elders, the dissolution of once-thriving businesses, and the trauma of pandemic-enforced disconnect from transnational family networks have all weighed heavily on Asian people. Publicly grappling with these difficulties, through hashtags and GoFundMes across social media, has raised awareness of the issues that Asian people have dealt with long before COVID. But doing so amidst isolation has illuminated a need for space to build relationships, confront intra- and inter-community biases, and envision a more hopeful future.

This workshop looks to create that space. By convening social computing researchers with ties to Asian diaspora identities, we aim to foster discussion of how social platforms enable identity formation and online activism unique to the Asian diasporic experience. We will consider what it means to be an Asian diaspora researcher, challenge CSCW’s notion of what it means to be Asian, and explore how Asianness can work in alliance with other marginalized identities to ultimately concretize a research agenda for CSCW to more meaningfully engage with Asian diaspora experiences.

Who Should Attend

We welcome participants from academic, non-profit, and industry circles. We’re looking to create a diverse range of perspectives, backgrounds,
and experiences with the intersection between social computing and AAPI/Asian diaspora studies.


Per CSCW policies, workshop participants are required to pay conference registration (rates here) and $20 for each workshop. We will do our best to help participants who need financial assistance.

How to Submit

Please fill out our Google Form by Sept. 3, 2021, AOE.
We look forward to hearing from you!


Calvin Liang
Emily Tseng
Sachin Pendse
Crystal Lee
Kimberley Allison
Neilly Tan
Ruotong Wang
Alexandra To
Amy Zhang

More about the organizers


Our workshop will be held Sunday Oct. 24th, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. ET.

All activities will be virtual.

More on the schedule


We’re committed to making our workshop accessible for everyone. Please reach out to us with any questions at aapisocialcomputing [at] gmail [dot] com.